2nd Grade, SchoolKidz® Grade Ready Kit

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  1. Kit Contents:  

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    1 Folders, 2 Pocket, 4Pk, Be/Rd/Gn/Yw
    1 Notebooks, Spiral, 3Pk, WR, 70Ct, Blue/Red/Grn
    1 Crayons,Tuck Box, 24/Box
    1 Scissors, 5", Pointed Tip, Asst.
    1 Ruler, 12", Plastic, Inch & Cm, Center Holes, Asst
    2 Eraser, Pink, Large, Latex Free
    2 Glue, School, Washable, 4 oz., White
    2 Glue Stick, Washable, White, .26 oz.
    1 Pencil Box, Plastic, 8.25" x 5.25" x 2", Asst.
    2 Facial Tissue, 'Scotties', Hypo-Allergenic, 200 Ct.
    1 Markers, Washable, Classic Colors, Wide Tip, 8/Set
    1 Pencils, Colored, 7", Sharpened, 12/Set
    1 Paint Set, Watercolor, Washable, 8 Colors w/Brush
    2 Pencil, Marking, w/Eraser, Red, Each
    1 Highlighter, Chisel Tip, Yellow, w/Pkt Clip
    1 Pencils, #2, Unsharpened, All Wood, Dozen
    1 Labels, C.A.E. "Student I.D."
    1 Envelopes, 10/pk, Money From Home, #6 3/4R
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