8th Grade, SchoolKidz® Grade Ready Kit

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  1. Kit Contents: 

    1Protractor, Plastic, Clear, 6", 180 Degrees
    1Folders, 2 Pkt/Prong, 6Pk, Be/Rd/Gn/Yw/Pu/Blk
    2Notebook, Spiral, 3 Sub, WR, Perf, 120 Ct., Asst
    2Notebook, Spiral, 5 Sub, WR, Perf, 180 Ct., Asst
    1Pencils, #2, Unsharpened, All Wood, Dozen
    2Glue, School, Washable, 4 oz., White
    2Eraser, Pink, Large, Latex Free
    1Crayons,Tuck Box, 24/Box
    1Markers, Washable, Classic Colors, Fine Tip, 8/Set
    1Dividers, 3-Ring, 5-Tab, 11" x 8.5"
    1Compass, Plastic, Safety, w/Pencil
    1Pencils, Colored, 7", Sharpened, 24/Set
    2Glue Stick, Washable, .74 oz.
    1Pencil Case, Fabric, 3-Hole w/Grommets, 10"x 6"
    1Scissors, 7", Pointed Tip, Blue
    2Filler Paper, Wide Rule, 10.5" x 8", 120/Pk
    1Ruler, 12", Plastic, Inch & Cm, Center Holes, Asst
    1Sharpener, Pencil & Crayon, Dbl Barrel, Canister
    1Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Yw/Bl/Gn/Pk/Or/Pur, 6/pk
    1Facial Tissue, 'Scotties', Hypo-Allergenic, 200 Ct.
    3Pen, Stick, Medium Point, Blue
    3Pen, Erasable, Blue, Each
    3Pen, Stick, Medium Point, Red
    2Pen, Felt Tip, Fine Point, Black
    2Pen, Felt Tip, Fine Point, Red
    6Pen, Erasable, Black, Each
    1Index Cards, 3" x 5", Ruled, 100/Pk, White
    1File Box, Plastic, 3" x 5", Holds 250 Cards
    1Binder, 3 Ring, Economy, 1", Asst.
    1Labels, C.A.E. "Student I.D."
    1Envelopes, 10/pk, Money From Home, #6 3/4R
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